Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gather Around the Fire

I was thinking today about genealogy blogging. Could the most boring thing in the world be reading someone else's family history and struggle to complete their family trees? Or do people like hearing all the family stories, folksy anecdotes, and puzzling pasts?

Why am I writing this stuff anyway? To fill some inner need within myself and sort it all into some linear form to follow? I don't really know. So I thought about it all... I think about the blogs I read. I find some writers who have poured themselves into relaying hidden pasts and unearthed skeletons to display to the world and you know what? I love it. And sometimes when I find a story I really love, I read it aloud to my husband around the fire at night. And you know what? He loves it too. So, there must be something to this... We can't be that different. Can we? So gather around the fire, people. There are stories to be told.

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